Like train / plane tickets, you can soon carry soft copy of driving license as well

Soon application for licenses, registration of vehicles and renewal of licenses will be easier thanks to a new proposal put forth by the Road Transport Ministry.

The Ministry proposes that drivers and vehicle owners can present soft copies of their vehicle papers and license for police verification purposes and will no longer need to carry around the originals or hard copies.

Mumbai Traffic Cop assaults citizen
In 2014, a video had gone viral as a Traffic cop in Thane thrashed a citizen for not showing driving license.

Renewal of licenses has also been extended to one year from date of expiry as compared to the current ruling of 30 days while drivers holding expired licenses will not be allowed to drive. Wearing of helmets is also to be made compulsory for children over 4 years of age.

This new proposal initiated by Road Transport Ministry is likely to be presented in the monsoon session and will bring down physical interface with RTOs while it will also see a significant reduction in malpractices. Forms and applications will be more concise and online submission process will be initiated.

The RTO will be issuing smart chip based driving licenses and registration cards and while drivers will have the options to present hard or soft copies for police verification, authorities will be given hand held devices to check the authenticity of these documents.

Increase in training for driver, augmented fines, jail time, cancellation of licenses along with impounding of vehicles has also been suggested, keeping in mind the increased number of accidents in recent times.

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