Cars 2: Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueene auto features in focus

For those who loved Cars, Cars 2 has been a much awaited sequence. In focus today are two central characters, Michael Caine as Finn McMissile and Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen. Finn McMissile, a British secret spy is pretty much your favorite James Bond in animation. Having missed the original Cars film platform, he’s here to steal your heart in this well thought out sequence.

Having drawn inspiration from various cars, Finn McMissile boasts of Volvo P1800 doors, and a roofline. That’s a Roger Moore style from The Saint series. His BMW 507 fenders and grill, and some elements of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 aren’t difficult to spot. Despite modification, he’s got gadgets galore like James Bond. The 314 FMCM license plate draws inspiration for tailfins from the 1958 Peerless, a British sports car.

For those who support funky gadgets there’s many you would miss in larger than life scenes or at the blink of an eye. Finn McMissile makes use of a spy camera in his left headlight, and wears rear and front bumperette grappling hooks.  The side mirror takes care of digital read-outs, and there’s a missile launcher fixed in the right headlight. James Bond can take pride in Finn McMissile’s submarine-mode for underwater antics, hydrofoil for oversea travel, and the very mod roof deployed holographic disguise emitter. At his disposal, there’s an undercarriage mounted quad harpoon gun, machine guns through a side vent, and a glass cutter. The rear comes with a turn signal oil blaster, and surveillance probes deployed through the wheel hub. The frontal hub comes fitted with a magnetic explosives launcher.

Cars 2 sees Lightning McQueen in a cool new custom paint job, and this time his headlights work for real having replaced the stickers that were previously used. Cars 2 won’t have a Micheal Schumacher cameo, but has roped in Lewis Hamilton as himself. Jeff Gorvette’s character has been replaced by current F1race drivers for country specific releases. As such,    Fernando Alonso, Vitaly Petrov, Sebastian Vettel is part of the Spanish, Russian, and German release respectively. Here are a few Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueen pictures from the 2011 New York Auto Show.