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15 luxury cars burned to ashes in society parking lot due to intense heat

As many as 15 luxury cars, which included a BMW, Land Rover Discover, Honda Accord, Toyota Innova and a WagonR, went up in flames at a parking lot in Kurla, Mumbai. The cars were parked in the parking lot of the 13 storey Vidyavihar’s Skyline Oasis Co-operative Housing Society in Kurla, Mumbai and were covered with tarpaulin for added protection.

The owners of these cars were shocked when they noted the fire in which the tarpaulin covers caught fire due to the intense heat of the summer sun. These very covers, which were supposed to protect their cars did the opposite and reduced these luxury vehicles to ashes.

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The fire department battled the fire for over two hours and BD Patil, Station Officer at Kurla Fire Station confirmed cause of the fire. He stated that one of these covers could have caught fire which quickly spread to the other vehicles in the parking lot. It has been often noted that a parked vehicle could catch fire especially in such intense heat.

The seats, fuel and other parts are all easily combustible and since these cars were parked close together, it set off a chain reaction, igniting all the cars in quick succession.

When asked if the fire could have been caused due to short circuit, Patil stated that short circuit did occur, but that was after the area caught fire. The Fire Department will also be issuing a notice to the society as the firefighting equipment was non functional.