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1400 cars, mostly Mitsubishi feared drowned in sea

Car carrier, Baltic Ace sank off the coast of Netherlands on Wednesday night with 1400 brand new cars on board. Out of these brand new cars shipped straight out of the company plant, 1200 were Mitsubishi’s, reportedly. Along with the cargo, five sailors are also reported killed while six are missing and can be presumed to be dead.

Daniel Nacass, Mitsubishi spokesman, said, “The Mitsubishi cars bound for Russia have been lost. We are deeply sorry for the tragic loss of lives.” Baltic Ace went down after collision with another container ship Corvus J, in what is seen on initial findings, as a human error. The Netherlands Coastguard managed to rescue 13 out of 24 crew that were on board while Dutch authorities claim that since the crash took place outside their territorial waters there will be no criminal investigations into the matter.

Baltic Ace was bound for Finland and had on board 1200 Mitsubishi models built at the company plant in Japan and Thailand. These vehicles are now at the bottom of the icy Baltic Sea and face an uncertain future. The consignment was insured for between $50 million to $60 million. Sales of Mitsubishi in all probability will be affected as it will lead to long waiting lists till the next lot of vehicles is shipped out from the company.

Source: Shipping News


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