Cars should offer minimum fuel efficiency of 18.2 kmpl from April 2017

Average fuel efficiency on cars and utility vehicles in India is set to see an increase of 15%, over existing normm. Targeting 18.2 kmpl, the Government has set new norms of fuel efficiency guidelines that Indian auto makers will have to follow from April 2017.

Fuel Efficiency norms 2017 india
The introduction of such norm, could result in car manufacturers launching more hybrid vehicles in India. Seen in the image is a Maruti Suzuki Swift hybrid.

Though automakers can still continue to sell cars below these new car mileage figures, average fuel efficiency of all vehicles from the company will need to be maintained at the set figure of 18.2 kmpl. For this the auto maker will have to ensure that vehicles that offer higher mileage will also be made available so as to keep average of all models at the new target. Average weight of vehicles will also have to be maintained at 1,145 kgs.

Government officials working on these new guidelines has indicated that with these higher standards of fuel efficiency, performance of locally manufactured cars will see a change. This will also result in dincontinuations of old cars. Other benefits of this new ruling include advancement in technology, improved engines and lower emissions.

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These new dictates on fuel efficiency will put India in the same class as advanced countries such as US, Japan, China and Germany. It will bring about a sea of change in automobile efficiency which will result in savings of INR 90,000 crores per annum. If these required standards are not met, it could attract stiff penalties which will be decided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.