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Carz and Corporate services Plan India offer extended car insurance for Rs 5 a day

CarZ, a notable multi-brand car service has linked up with Corporate services Plan to provide a suitable and reasonable extended warranty plan for passenger cars across their 14 outlets in India. This is the first passenger cars extended warranty beyond the manufacturers warranty period.

Extended warranty plan, offers one a Peace-of-Mind cover for all possible repairs of the vehicle or components and associated labor charge incurred. There are a few different plan options that are available to car owners, based on which cover can be sought for automatic gear box system, injection system, electrical system as also braking and engine system. Transmission system repairs will also be covered once this plan has been signed up for. The price of this plan is very realistic and reasonable as one will have to pay only Rs. 5 per day.

Warranty plans are available to customers in three different programs which include, Platinum: total comprehensive warranty coverage, gold: semi comprehensive warranty, silver: good basic drive line coverage. Corporate services Plan has been one of the best companies providing extended warranty plans for customer all over India. By signing up, vehicle owners will be able to access value-added services that enliven their motoring experiences considerably. Enhanced vehicle repairs and servicing, vehicle resale value, quality replacement parts and spares, and uniform service standards are some of the many benefits available to customers.

News release: CarZ signs up with Corporate Services Plan

A first of its kind Warranty Program in India

CarZ, a multi-brand car service network, today announced their tie-up with Corporate Services Plan India to provide Extended Warranty for cars across all their 14 service outlets in India. This is a first of its kind Warranty Program in India that will provide extended warranty for passenger cars beyond the manufacture’s warranty period.

The Extended Warranty plan offers Peace-of-Mind cover protecting the owner from the cost of repair or replacement of components along with the associated labour cost for the vehicle. Based on the plan opted, the plan will cover Automatic Gearbox, Braking system, Diesel Injection System, Electrical system, Engine, Front Wheel Drive System, Fuel System, Manual Gearbox, Propeller shaft, Rear Axle, Suspension & Steering System. The plan comes at an affordable price of Rs. 5 per day.

The services to be provided to customers shall be under three different warranty programs which include – Platinum: Comprehensive warranty coverage; Gold: Semi comprehensive warranty coverage applicable and Silver: Good basic drive line coverage.

Mr. Venu Donepudi, Founder and Managing Director of CarZ said, “ We are pleased to tie-up with Corporate Services Plan, which is India’s leading provider of Extended Warranty, to offer our customers a hassle free motoring experience. We will be offering this at a competitive price with an option to choose from a basic cover to a comprehensive cover. This partnership will further enhance our commitment to provide our customers with various value-added offerings and services, that will go a long-way in making their motoring experience pleasurable.”

Mr. Vijay Gummadi, Founder & CEO of CarZ said, “ We foresee our customers benefit in numerous ways. The benefits include, enhanced value of vehicle through regular servicing and warranty protection, enhanced vehicle resale value, wide service network of quality repairers, use of high quality replacement parts and uniform service standards.”

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