Castrol EDGE unveils 3D AUDI R18 ULTRA art tribute for Audi Audi R18 e-tron Quattro hybrid win: Audi 11th Le Mans victory

In a mark to celebrate the Audi 11th Le Mans victory, Castrol EDGE has released a special art work to mark this historical event. The 3D painting is brought out using actual Castrol EDGE engine oil and is a piece of anamorphic street art that has been devised through the use of only oil in a unique and distinctive way.

This piece of art is completed in a matter of 24 hours and commenced at the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans by artists 3D Joe and Max. The painting has been devised in such a way that fans were invited to come down and stand in the painting which the artists managed to create an effect as it these fans are actually standing on the Audi R18 ultra.

Artists were elated at being able to contribute to the 11th Le Mans event and what better way than with a Castrol EDGE oil painting which has taken Audi and its team way ahead in the race thus creating history of a different kind which they managed to do while finishing this painting in 24 hours of continuous hard work which was on display at London’s Southbank.


Castrol EDGE Commission 3D Oil Artwork to Celebrate Team’s Historic 11th Le Mans Victory

Today, on London’s Southbank, Castrol EDGE unveiled a 3D art tribute to celebrate Audi Sport’s 11th victory in the world famous 24 hours of Le Mans. Castrol EDGE, the team’s technical partner, commissioned a stunning 3D painting, created using actual Castrol EDGE engine oil.

This was the first time a piece of anamorphic street art has been created using oil in this way. Produced in just 24 hours, starting at the beginning of the race, the artists ‘3D Joe and Max’ recreated the round-the-clock performance put in by the Audi Sport team to produce this one off interactive tribute.

Fans in London were invited to come down and stand ‘in’ the painting. When photographed at an angle, they appeared to be standing on the Audi R18 ultra, celebrating a winning performance. Fans photographs can be seen at

Donald Smith, Castrol Sponsorship Manager said:
“Winning an eleventh Le Mans 24 hour race is an amazing achievement and we’re really happy to have played our part in the team’s success. This beautiful artwork created using our oil is a fitting tribute to a great achievement. Endurance racing is the toughest discipline in motorsport, developing products that help to give the Audi team the strength to perform at this level is the perfect testing ground for Castrol EDGE technology.’’

3D Artist Joe Hill Said:
“This is the first time I’ve painted with oil, so creating the artwork in 24 hours was extremely tough. Painting for an entire day is hard enough, let alone racing cars at 180 mph in the middle of the night.”

Castrol EDGE were not only part of the team’s winning performance as the team’s technical partner, but also provided fans with a range of exclusive content throughout the weekend. Le Mans supporters were brought closer to the action via a specifically designed parallax webpage, giving an insight into the strength required to win Le Mans for the team, drivers and car

Twitter reaction to the race has also been captured on Using exclusive photography, a twitter image cloud captured photos from all the twitter followers talking about the race and transformed them into breath taking collages of the iconic Le Mans shots from the 2012 race, as it happened.

Endurance racing is one of motorsports ultimate tests. Working together in such tough conditions allows Audi and Castrol to utilise each other’s strengths in innovation and technology to push the boundaries of automotive performance. Castrol EDGE Fluid Strength Technology™ used in the R18 ultra engines and in the Audi R18 e-tron quattro engines has been tested under simulated race conditions for 48 hours – double the distance of Le Mans.