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Castrol India uses Google Lightbox technology for football hangout

Castrol India Football hangout

Castrol Activ Cling on to Football campaign sees Castrol India hosted another ‘LIVE Talk Show’ today with its expert panel turning to Google ‘Lightbox technology’. Castrol India is the first Asian brand to use Google Lightbox technology to communicate with viewers.

Soma Ghosh, Vice President – Marketing, Castrol India said Google Lightbox technology was important in the company’s digital strategy through ‘Castrol Activ Cling on to Football’ campaign to deliver a fan-friendly exciting football experience taking hangout directly to fans instead of the other way around.

Lightbox tech LIVE streamed ‘Castrol Activ Cling on to Football’ on Google+ Hangouts and across Google Display Networks. Those browsing watched football experts in real-time by simply rolling their mouse over a ‘Castrol Activ Cling on to Football’ banner.

Castrol India Football hangoutThere’s several ongoing initiatives around the ‘Castrol Activ Cling on to Football’ campaign online. Castrol India kicked off the biggest football Google Hangout in India on June 18th with panelists Abhishek Bachchan, Bhaichung Bhutia, Paul Masefield and Gaurav Kapoor. 120,000 fans tuned in live through different times.


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