New CEAT Milaze tyres launched in India for extra mileage in scooters

CEAT, a marque which is widely known in India for its utilitarian two-wheeler tyres, has launched a new model branded Milaze. The new product caters to scooters and is made available in sizes 3.50-10 TT and 90/100-10 TT.

New CEAT Milaze Scooter Tyre
Ceat Milaze is targeted at scooters used for business purposes and more-than-average amount of commuting.
Ceat Milaze, name of which is probably coined to remind of mileage, is actually designed to be good at just that. The tyre is engineered to offer enhanced load carrying capacity and mileage, and by mileage it is not fuel efficiency of the scooter, it is the durability of the rubber.

Delving into the technical part of Ceat Milaze, the rubber compound is formulated to posses high bead strength, combined with flatter tread profile, the model is made capable of handling higher-than-average load. Further, with higher NSD (non-skid depth) and the same flatter tread profile, the tyre provides better running life. To not compromise on traction, sturdy blocks with sipes are carved onto the rubber, which also help in uniform wear. Milaze is also certified to be reliable on wet roads, given the deep shoulder grooves for water pumping.