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Ceat Pune Invitational Supercross League highest bid Rs 1,10 lakh

DSK Racing team bid for Pramod Joshua, who will ride a Honda CRF 250cc. Ishan Dasanayake from Sri Lanka commanded an auction fee of Rs 106000 (One Lakh Six Thousand), and has joined San Racing team owned by RB Group. Gaurav Khatri was bagged by PB Racing team owned by S Balan Group for an auction fee of emerged as the third costliest rider at Rs. 102000 (One Lakh Two thousand). Harith Noah has signed with Aranha Racing Team for Rs.100000 (One Lakh). The aforementioned riders will compete in the MX 1 category.

Meet the costliest rider in the CEAT Tyres Pune Invitational Supercross League 2014 : Pramod Joshua. He will ride for DSK Racing this year.

35 riders were part of the auction pool with bids from 7 participating teams. Seven riders from Pune went under the hammer. Of them, Vishal Barguje joined San Racing for Rs.68,000 (Sixty Eight Thousand). Seven international riders have confirmed their participation, and were not part of the pool auction. They were allotted to teams through an open lots held after the auction and will compete in the SX1 Category.

To encourage junior riders to be part of a professional team, Vilo Events have introduced the ‘Junior Rider Adoption Program’. All teams will now have junior riders as part of the team., and were allotted teams based through open lots.


Sr.No Rider Name Country Team
1 Ricky Yorks USA PB Racing
2 Anthony Raynard South Africa SAN Racing
3 Dennis Stapleton USA Pashankar Racing
4 Jared Hicks USA SKP Highrollers Racing
5 Andrien Lopes France DSK Racing
6 Jake Shipton United Kingdom Team Bhalla Royale
7 Alexander Ivanyutin Russia Aranha Racing Team

‘Junior Rider Adoption Program’

Sr.No Rider Name Team
1 Avaan Kohok Aranha Racing Team
2 Karan Karle & Sarthak Chavan Team Bhalla Royale
3 Ashwinder Singh & Shiana Kaur Virdi SKP Highrollers Racing
4 Yuvraj Kondhe Pashankar Racing
5 Farhan Khan& Abhimanyu Dantale SAN Racing
6 Rugved Barguje PB Racing
7 Kayan Patel DSK Racing



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