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Thailand’s Suzuki Celerio is safer than India’s Maruti Swift

Both, Celerio and Swift have been designed and developed by Japan’s Suzuki Motors. Though being same cars, everywhere they are sold, but they are not the same when it comes to safety.

maruti swift crash test india
Global NCAP result for India made Swift is 0 rating, while for Europe made Swift is 5 stars.

Earlier this week, Global NCAP crash test on India made Swift revealed that the car failed miserably, scoring 0 stars. This when made in Europe Swift scored five stars in the same test, carried out by Global NCAP. The major reason for made in India Swift to fail in the test was due to the unavailability of features like Airbags, ESP, not using sturdier components, etc.

Below is the full report of Maruti Swift crash test by Global NCAP

Maruti Swift Crash Test Result

Post this, Maruti Suzuki defended saying the Swift complies with all safety norms laid out by Indian Govt. Cars in India and Europe, do not need to undergo the same level of test, as the road conditions are different, they said. Maruti went on to the extent of saying that this is nothing but a marketing gimmick by Global NCAP.

Celerio Crash Test
Suzuki Celerio is more safer for passengers in Thailand, as compared to the Maruti Swift in India

Now, made in Thailand has undergone crash test, and it has emerged with a better rating as compared to Swift. Crash test of Celerio was performed by Euro NCAP. Thai made Suzuki Celerio scored a rating of three stars. This was because of the safety features on board the Celerio. Unlike Swift, which was devoid of safety features, Celerio featured airbags, ABS, and ESP.

Here is a full report of Suzuki Celerio crash test.

We are not sure what would Maruti Suzuki India say now, after seeing the safety rating of made in Thailand Celerio.

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