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4.2m views and counting: Have you watched Charlie the Hamster steer 15 ton Volvo Truck

n the video below, you can see how Charlie steers the mammoth vehicle through a narrow and jagged quarry in Spain. Filmed so as to bring to the fore Volvo’s new steering technology, that makes steering of a heavily laden truck a breeze, Charlie has performed his act to perfection.

Trained by animal trainer Grace Dickenson, star actor Charlie demonstrated with an air of confidence and a positive mindset the art of steering a 15 ton truck, while he himself weighed just 175 grams. Dickenson says that training Charlie to perform the stunt took time and patience but the carrot as bait did the trick while the stunt driver Seon Rogers assisted Charlie through the motions with acceleration and braking.

Volvo Trucks new Dynamic Steering developed by Jan-Inge Svensson is a new system that permits drivers to maneuver a heavily laden truck with the least amount of effort. At lower speeds, an electric motor takes on driver’s muscle power and can be steered with just one finger. It is the same when driving on the highway as the new steering system displays outstanding stability.

This is the third such video by Volvo Trucks. The first was the Ballerina stunt, in which Faith Dickey is seen crossing a slackine between two trucks as the travel at break neck speed. The film demonstrated both improved stability and superior steering facilities seen in the Volvo long haul trucks.

The second film involved Volvo Trucks president, Claes Nilsson himself. To show the strength of “The Hook”, Mr Nilsson is seen standing on a Volvo FMX truck, which is held vertically upright and mid-air via steel cable, which is attached on the hook of the Volvo Truck. You can watch all the videos below. Volvo says there are more such videos in pipeline. We are waiting.

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