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That’s gonna hurt real bad. Cheating man’s Range Rover spray painted by lover

A spurned lover seems to have got her revenge by defacing a white Range Rover.

A white diesel Range Rover parked outside London’s Knightsbridge on Basil Street was the center of attention of a host of photographers. It was seen splashed in red paint with words ‘cheater – it’s over’ and ‘hope she was worth it’. It was probably the handiwork of a rejected lover who took out her ire on the white diesel Range Roger Vogue TDV6 AU.

A man was seen jumping into the car wearing a white T-Shirt and sunglasses while the splashed message on his £75,000 white diesel Range Rover did not seem to bother him. He was even issued a parking ticket for £130 as it had been parked on double yellow lines for over two hours.

GF paints Range Rover of cheating BF 3

Probably done by the owner’s wife / girlfriend, who caught him cheating, was one possible explanation while taxi driver Enzo Andrean from Enfield, North London claimed to have seen the car at Belgravia Square at 10.30 am that morning with the words ‘cheater’ clearly painted over it. Harrods security guard stated that the car arrived at the store with the paint already in place while the manager of Gran Café stated that the car had arrived in perfect condition.

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Considered as the best luxury SUV money can buy today, Range Rover is capable of acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in 7.4 seconds. The car in question also sports a logo from London-based car customization company ‘Revere’, indicating that it was also subjected to some expensive after-market revisions.

GF paints Range Rover of cheating BF 4

Car in Knightsbridge outside Harrods, spray painted with Hope she was worth it and cheater

Car in Knightsbridge outside Harrods, spray painted with Hope she was worth it and cheater

GF paints Range Rover of cheating BF 1

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