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Cheetah finds Land Cruiser exciting in northern Serengeti

Toyota Land Cruiser Cheetah (1)

On a recent safari to northern Serengeti, a cheetah and cub decided to check out a land cruiser from closer quarters thereby taking occupants by surprise. Lee Whittam from Essential Africa Guided Safaris who is in the Toyota Land Cruiser at the time was quick to click a few pictures.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cheetah (1)With reports that there was a cheetah and cub sighted in the area, visitors to the Serengeti sanctuary were eager to check them out but the tables turned when they found that it was in fact the cheetah and cub who found the land cruiser more exciting. The cub jumped onto the bonnet of one of vehicles and found that an enjoyable pastime and an ideal sport to view its surroundings.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cheetah (2)The next day, the cheetah cub decided it wanted more of this sport, but this time round it was the adult male cheetah that took the first step and sprang onto the land cruiser. This act left the occupants in a state of shock to be in such close quarter and view the young male cheetah while it explored to Land Cruiser, chewing and licking on bits of the vehicle that caught its attention.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cheetah (4)TCheetahs in the grasslands of East Africa have often shown preference of springing onto vehicles and observing their surroundings. This is quite often noticed that cheetahs find vehicles interesting and wish to explore their curiosity even further by jumping onto vehicles and looking around or sometimes even relaxing atop for a prolonged period of time.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cheetah (3)


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