Chennai Police impound cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini – Cause owners were racing

On charges of overspeeding and indulging in racing these high end sports cars were said to cause public nuisance.

Owners of exclusive cars who were reportedly racing at Chennai’s East Coast Road found themselves on the wrong side of the law as their prized vehicles were impounded by the police. Chennai police claim that these cars, among which were the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, were used for racing activities in the area.

The cars, raced by youngsters emitted loud noises and caused much nuisance to residents in the area which led to several complaints being lodged with local police.

The drivers, who had gone for a breakfast event organized by a car company, deny charges that these cars were being raced at high speeds. They claim that driving even at normal speeds results in loud noise which is often mistaken for racing. One such driver, Raghav Krishnan, driving a Lamborghini was arrested by the police for allegedly going over the foot of a police inspector. A case of rash and negligent driving along with criminal intimidate has been filed against Krishnan.

The impounded luxury vehicles are parked at a spot near Kanathur police station awaiting clearance while the owners have taken to social media and uploaded a video on Facebook. Their claim is that these vehicles only emit loud noises even at speeds upto 50 kmph.

It is due to this sound that people think they are speeding which is a misconception. The drivers have been further warned by the Chennai Police to not drive around in groups as it not only causes traffic jams and public nuisance but also causes a great deal of noise pollution.

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