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Human chain saves biker from getting washed away – Chennai Rains (Video)

Biker saved Chennai rains

If you see a biker being swept away, you save him.

At a time when Chennai is incessantly under water, dealing with the worst possible flooding in living memory, citizens came together today to save the day for one lad.

With roads caving in, and being under water on busy roads, most long stretches are functioning as continuous fords with commuters treading along at their careful best. No doubt with the ground quickly slipping below one’s feet and no scope of traction, moving along at snail’s pace is the only way to get by. And, even that may not work.

This was the case with a rider who found himself swept away without notice. Quick thinking passersby jumped in to rescue the unfortunate lad almost instantaneously. With more and more commuters running to rescue him, the impromptu rescuers strategically joined the human chain to ensure they reach the biker and his bike while adding more people to ensure a strong hold.

And yes, they get the rider on his feet and out of harm’s way, and pull his bike to safety. The gallant human chain is likely to have carried out the rescue on the Gudanvancherry Padappai road. The video is unverified.


Chennai Rains – Photos

Life as we know, has come to a halt in Chennai. People are stuck without food, drinking water, electricity, and sleep. Hundreds of people have already died.

Chennai Rains

Weather forecast suggests that rains will continue for three more days. Below are some helpline numbers which could come handy if you need someone to be rescued.

Chennai Rescue Numbers – Verified

In case you are not able to get through these numbers, you can call us on 9923179084 or 9158881284 or 8698318557 (last number can speak and understand Tamil) if you need help in co-ordinating.

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