Chevrolet Beat diesel pre launch comparison pits hatchback against petrol, LPG and EV variants

Rising prices of petrol has seen many car manufacturers bring out a diesel variant.  Chevrolet Beat Diesel too comes before us tomorrow.  General Motors, which till date had only brought out a petrol and LPG driven Beat is all set to launch its diesel variant before midday 25th of July.

The car is expected to resemble its petrol and LPG siblings but is said to be heavier.  .  The petrol variant is priced between Rs. 3, 55,490 and Rs. 4, 73,824.  Initially the Chevy Beat petrol variant was a success, but with spiraling petrol prices, it was a diesel powered engine that customers were awaiting.

Possessing a TCDI tag, Beat diesel will not have any major changes to its interiors. The Chevy Beat diesel will be powered by a multijet engine with CRDI motor and the one cylinder less approach is expected decrease weight and increase mileage considerably.  The Chevy Beat Diesel possesses a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder engine with a mileage of 24 km per ltr.

Though prices are not yet revealed you can book your car for Rs 10,000 with your local Chevrolet dealer or wait a few hours to know just how much you’ll need to pay. At best the Chevrolet Beat diesel price would range between Rs. 4.2- 5 lakhs.

Earlier this year, General Motors bought an LPG variant for the Chevrolet Beat. About a month ago, the Chevrolet Beat EV concept to be powered by a 300 cell lithium battery with energy capacity upto 20 kWh was showcased.  Besides these features, the Chevy Beat EV will be able to operate between -20 to 45 degrees using a 240V power source which will charge in just about 8 hours and go 130km in a single charge.  Expected to be priced between Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs this game changer is fitted with excellent interiors. On the outside, it looks like a real hatchback rather than a toy car which implies the Chevrolet beat EV should be quite a steal too.

Chevrolet from General Motors has been in business since 1911 and has been expanding their business to over 120 countries around the world.  The company saw a sales figure of over 4.25 million cars on a global platform in 2010.