Chevrolet India kickstarts Day of Play initiative

The giveaway is part of a part of a larger Chevrolet Day of Play initiative to introduce positive changes in nearby communities. Day of Play strengthens Chevrolet’s commitment to possibilities. The project kicks-off in India, and will be undertaken in global Chevrolet markets through April 2015.

Chevrolet India Day of Play
Inaugural Day of Play kicks-off in India and will be undertaken by other Chevrolet markets this month.

Arvind Saxena, President and Managing Director, General Motors India says the focus is to help school children growing up in less privileged circumstances overcome barriers and unite through football. The game teaches team spirit, fair play and how play can lead to possibilities. Chevrolet-branded, ultra-durable One World Futbols are delivered in a Chevrolet Enjoy MPV. With a CSR mission of ‘Driving a Better Tomorrow’, Chevrolet India has worked with One World Play Project since 2013, having donated over 20,000 footballs to school children in communities around where its facilities are located.

Chevrolet India has donated 91 One World Futbols to Sankalp School in Gurgaon, Haryana and 70 footballs to Gunjur Government School in Bangalore, Karnataka located around GM India facilities. Chevrolet One World Futbols are also being delivered through One World Play Project NGO partners.

Chevrolet is a founding sponsor of One World Play Project. The donation is part of the auto manufacturer’s three-year partnership with One World Play Project to ensure 1.5 million One World Futbols reach children in need. In September 2014, the 1 millionth One World Futbol was donated. Thus far, 1.3 million One World Futbols have been handed over to kids around the world. Stephan Sonderman, Asia Director, One World Play Project syas the beauty and magic of the project lays in what happens when children are empowered to play.