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Chevrolet Spark damaged in transport – Repair estimate, Rs 2.2L

You’ve got to be jinxed for good if you were in Om Prakash Manocha’s place. Sadly, with Chevrolet India scaling down business operations, he’s now in a real fix with his Chevrolet Spark, not because of the brand, but owing to a transport fiasco.

Here’s an update from him regarding his Chevrolet Spark. “Horrific experience with Agarwalpackersandmovers, Agarwal and DRS Dilip Roadlines Pvt Ltd. They badly damaged my Chevrolet Spark car given to them to be transported to Goa. The car is damaged to the extent that the estimated cost of repair given by Chevrolet is Rs Two lacs twenty three thousand!!! A Shameful and unapologetic Agarwalpackersandmovers.”

“Agarwal is now advising me to claim my original car insurance and take it as a total loss. They are not even replying to my mails. Planning to take legal action against Agarwalpackers under Consumer Protection Act. Please share this post with your friends and groups so that people do not make the mistake of hiring services of Agarwal Packers and Movers and DRS Dilip Roadlines Pvt. Ltd.”

Yeah sure, I’d be pissed too. There’s no doubt when he handed over his vehicle, the condition of the Chevrolet Spark was absolutely fine. This was on 2nd April, 2018.

And then he received a pretty banged up, broken car in its stead at Goa on 18th April, 2018. Going by the repair estimate, it makes no sense spending a small fortune on the car, and writing it off seems the way to proceed.

Well, sure accidents happen but noone’s prepared for such a big screw up cause a transport service has one job, and delivering a buggered up car isn’t it. When taking such decisions under advisement, most folks turn to known folks for word of mouth recommendations, online reviews, or the best available deals, but clearly that’s no guarantee.

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