This is how drivers are punished for using high-beam in China

Authorities in China have come up with a unique and effective way of punishing offenders who drive with high-beam at night. These offenders will have to pay fine of 300 yuan (US$ 44/INR 2,935) or will be made to sit directly in front of a vehicle and stare at the headlight for 60 seconds as punishment and to experience exactly what they were putting other drivers through.

In just over two hours of initiating such a punishment, the Shenzen police stopped over 900 offenders. Photographs of this unique punishment being carried out was posted on Shenzhen Traffic Police’s official Weibo account and carried a caption “Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam.”

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The post has amassed over 87,000 likes and 93,000 shares and a host of comments some of which were positive, claiming that punishment was overdue, while negative responses term this punishment as a violation of human rights as it could have a devastating effect of the eyes and cause serious eye damage.

The punishment was initially introduced in 2014 but faced criticism while cops in Shenzhen city of China have brought it back again. Though it still faces some disapproval, the punishment has also received some positive feedback from viewers.

It is hoped that such an initiative will be taken by cops in India as well where driving with high beam is a common phenomenon with little concern for the other driver.