China bans Ferrari from internet search after son of Chinese Minister dies due to crashing Ferrari 458 Italia sportscar in Beijing

Update: The 2012 March 18th Ferrari 458 Spider crash in Beijing’s North Fourth Ring Road on Baofusi bridge at 4am now sees Ling Gu, son of president Hu Jintao’s chief-of-staff(Ling Jihua) at the wheel. While the black Ferrari 458 Spider crash into a wall saw the supercar split in two, Ling Gu died at the wheel, and two young women passengers who were seriously injured have been identified as Minzu University in Beijing students as per South China Morning Post. A matter of contention has always been how the son of a Communist Party official on an economic salary managed to get a Ferrari as a ride. The latest development on the political front sees Ling Jihua transferred to a new job opening.

Chinese government has been infamous for banning internet contnent, for which they have also faced criticism from their own people as well as from internet users around the globe. Earlier this week, it was reported, that a Ferrari 458 Italia sportscar was involved in a fatal accident in Beijing.

It was revealed later that in the two seater Ferrari sportscar, three people were travelling, and it was being driven by son of a leading Communist Party leader. The driver has died due to injuries whereas his fellow passengers (both women) are still critical and are recuperating in an intensive car unit.

As the accident involves son of a Chinese leader, Chinese government has banned the word ‘Ferrari’ from being searched on the internet. The reason – Chinese government does not want their people to get to know about this incident. All we have is the image of the crashed Ferrari 458 Italia.

Not only the Chinese government has banned Ferrari from internet search, they are also banning news channels and blogs from reporting the incident. Another report claims that the reason behind Chinese government going all guns in order to keep this incident under cover, is because the son is apparently illegitimate.