China plans rail link to Nepal via tunnel under Mount Everest

This 540 km high speed rail link between Tibet and Nepal that is being considered by China will pass under the Mt. Everest and is slated to be completed by 2020. A 1,956 km stretch of railway line already exists from Qinghai to Tibet linking China to Lhasa while the additional line which is under consideration will extend to Nepal.

mount everest rail link china nepal
Mount Everest. Image – Yvette Cendes

This new China rail link to Nepal will include tracking on 650 kms to the already existing track which takes about 25 hours to traverse thus allowing easy transportation across what can be considered one of the most complex terrains in the world. Rail Expert Wang Mengshu at the Chinese Academy of Engineering has stated that the engineers will have to confront a host of challenges while due to changes in elevation, train speed will be limited to a maximum of 120 kmph.

proposed mount everest railway

China rail link to Nepal is being planned at the request of Nepal and while the proposed rail link has met with some skepticism about its feasibility, increased Chinese presence in Nepal has caused some alarm where India is concerned. The building of this proposed rail link follows earlier reports that China was also considering a high speed railway line to the US that would run across 13,000 kms and would include 201 kms under sea tunnel crossing Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.

via The Guardian