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China plans underground train to America

China plans underground train to America

China wants to build a trans-Pacific train tunnel to the US. This idea may sound crazy but Chinese engineers are planning just this which will be a high speed railway line beneath the Pacific Ocean, connecting China with the US.

China plans underground train to AmericaWang Mengshu, a railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering has come up with the idea to construct an undersea tunnel connecting China with Russia and Alaska. Russian experts had been pondering this idea for some time and the same plan has now been taken up by China. The railway line will be built across 13,000 kms of track between the two points and if the train, travels at an average speed of 220 mph would take two days to make the trip

This project has been called China-Russia-Canada-America line and will travel via the Bering Strait. The train will travel from Beijing to Siberia and while at the border of Asian land mass would go underwater for a distance of 125 kms under the Pacific Ocean to emerge in Alaska. From here the rail line will diverge to parts of America to include Canada, Mexico and other southern states.

This feat of engineering is still in planning stages and being pondered on by a team of engineering experts. Funds have to be raised and if and when this project comes into effect will prove to be a major game changer where world trade and transport is concerned.

via The Beijing Times


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