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Chinese company develops EV battery lasting 16 years or 20 lakh kms

Contemporary Amperex Technology’s long-lasting high-capacity battery costs just about 10 per cent more than current examples

Electric mobility is rapidly picking up in global automotive markets. While Tesla proved that electric cars could be good-looking (not talking about the Cybertruck), high performing, feature-loaded and most importantly, desirable; new names such as Rimac, Rivian and Bollinger have showcased some never-before-seen possibilities of electric powertrains.

An EV might never be able to deliver the engagement of a proper, balanced and focused ICE car, but it is wrong to disregard electric cars just because they lack ‘communication’. For instance, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is easily better than many petrol examples coming at that price point.

However, the main point of concern in buying an EV (big or small; fast or slow) remains its battery capabilities, particularly range on full juice and capacity-drain over time. The battery is one of the main deciding factors in an EV’s pricing.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y (for reference)

Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL), which supplies products to major automakers such as Tesla Inc., Volkswagen AG, Toyota Motor Corp, etc., aims to set a benchmark in the field of electric powertrains.

The company has developed a battery system that can last 16 years or 20 lakh kilometres compared to the current average warranty of eight years or 2.41 lakh kilometres. Besides contributing to the long haul, these batteries can also do well on the used market. Indirectly, this helps reduce the ownership costs of an electric car.

CATL states that it is ready to accept orders for the new battery systems. Prices are roughly 10 per cent higher than the current range of EV batteries, which is quite reasonable considering the output. The company is confident that EV sales would pick up in early 2021 even though the market is currently struggling due to COVID-19. Apparently, potential buyers who have stepped away from purchasing amidst the outbreak is creating a stored-up demand ready to hit the market next year.

Data shows that electric mobility will soon occupy 8.1 per cent of the entire Chinese automotive market and 5 per cent that of Europe. China has the world’s largest share of EV sales. Over the months, we have shared some interesting new Chinese electric cars.

CATL has signed a two-year contract with Tesla. The Silicon Valley automaker previously depended on Japan’s Panasonic Corp. and South Korea’s LG Chem Ltd. for battery requirements. Now, CATL batteries are employed in all Model 3 units manufactured at Tesla’s new facility near Shanghai.


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