Chris de Burgh and Rosanna Davison test drive 7th Gen new Golf in Sardinia

Father – Daughter duo, Irish singer and composer Chris de Burgh and his daughter Rosanna Davidson were among the first to test drive the new Volkswagen Golf this past weekend. The two celebrities were invited to attend the International media driving presentation being held in honor of the new Golf at Sardinia from September 29th to October 24th.

Chris de Burgh is not new to the Volkswagen brand. He has been using a Volkswagen on all his official tours for the past ten years and owns a Multivan, but commended the new Volkswagen Golf. Besides de Burgh admiring the design of the new Golf, his daughter Rosanna Davidson (28) was also attracted to its smart and stylish finish. She is a model in her own right and ahs featured on the cover of many German magazines while was Miss World in 2003.

Other top personalities also came to test drive the new VW Golf. Among these were German actors Peter Lohmeyer and Helmut Zierl, Tamara von Nayhauß – TV presenter, and two Swiss musicians Dieter Meier and Boris Blank also more commonly known as Yello. These artists have composed a song – The Key to Perfection in honor of the new Golf and will be seen in a film being released for its world premiere.

Auto news release: Chris de Burgh, Rosanna Davison, Yello and german celebrities test the new Golf in Sardinia

Irish singer and composer Chris de Burgh and his daughter Rosanna Davison have been the first celebrities to test the new Golf. The musician and the model are attending the international media driving presentation of the new Golf in Sardinia (September, 29. – October, 24.). They arrived on the italian island on Friday.

After a first drive in the car, Chris de Burgh was excited: “I have been using Volkswagen for ten years when I go on tour, preferably the Multivan, but I really like the new Golf”, the artist said. His latest acoustic album HOME will be released on 8th October.

It features a total of 14 favourite tracks he has written himself. In a career stretching back 38 years so far, Chris de Burgh has sold 50 million albums. On his promotion tour for the album he will also be on the road with Volkswagen.

His daughter Rosanna Davison (28) is also taken with the design of the new Golf: “It looks very smart and stylish”, says the model, who was recently featured on the cover of a well-known German magazine for men, and in many German and international newspapers. In 2003 she was the 52nd Miss World, and the first Irish entrant to claim the title.

In addition to Chris and Rosanna and German actors Peter Lohmeyer and Helmut Zierl, and TV presenter Tamara von Nayhauß, the Swiss musicians Dieter Meier and Boris Blank, also known as Yello, came to test-drive the new Golf.

The artists had composed a new song, „The Key To Perfection“ and were co-producers of a film used for the world premiere of the new Golf.