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Chris Gayle, Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil in 1 frame as cricket’s IPL 6 meets F1

For Force India, last weekend’s result at Bahrain was made of stuff people write home about. When qualifying Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil had a good run notching 7th and 8th place. On race day, both driver’s moved up the grid due to Hamilton’s 5 place grid penalty. Paul di Resta drove like the wind, and came rather close to a finish on the podium. His 4th place finish however is just as welcome. And alongwith it came 12 strong points that strengthen team standing at 5th place with 26 points currently.

The team used a two-stop strategy while some teams resorted to 4 stops. Adrian Sutil didn’t have as much of a good day at the Sakhir track, and problems plagued the driver 1st round onward resultant of a  collision with Massa. He finished the race in 13th place.

F1 moves to Spain on the weekend of 10th May.  The 3 week gap gives the drivers time to pace out, and in this case to be part of  India’s cricket crazy days. The ongoing IPL 6 season saw cricket meet F1 today with Adrian Sutil and Paul Di Resta visiting Bangalore, the venue of the extraordinary  match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Pune Warriors India. And we must mention, ’twas the perfect day to do saw. A very 1 sided game saw Royal Challengers Bangalore bat first and opener Chris Gayle played all 20 overs. He also recorded the fastest century in cricket by facing just 30 balls. Pune bowlers changed many a bowling style but Gayle would have none of it and went for 175 not out in 66 balls. He also recorded the most sixes in a T20 innings by going over the boundary 17 times, and 13 times he touched bat to ball for 1 4. Not so unlucky then. Wonder if Gayles was talking about blistering barnacles in his photo op with Adrian Sutil and paul di Resta.





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