Chrysler Group careers website redesigned: Get in and Drive multimedia experience for prospective job candidates

Chrysler Group has announced launch of their new user centric career website offering job seekers enhanced access and usability. The redesigned career website enables job seekers direct knowhow of company products, services and career postings, challenging candidates to “Get in and Drive”. Users who register to the website will receive instant email and SMS alerts regarding job openings in the company which can be accessed through smart phones or tablets so job seekers do not miss out on any job opportunity which may come their way. is the new redesigned website embodying company’s employment brand titled “Get in and Drive”. This redesigned website also provides a platform to the company to extend their reach in pursuit for right candidate for their various job openings. Diversity of all information regarding the company and easy accessibility to the site will provide better opportunities to job seekers who want to be part of Chrysler Group.

The site also provides direct access to job opportunities and internships, read about real life experiences of employees at Chrysler Group, collaboration with current employees, search and register to meet with company recruiters at local hiring events and last but not the least find such vacant positions through this interactive website.

News release: Chrysler Group Launches Redesigned Careers Web Site

Redesign enables candidates to experience Chrysler Group’s people, products and culture in addition to access current job and career postings in an engaging multimedia environment
Embodies Chrysler Group’s employment brand, challenging candidates to “Get in and Drive”
Users can register to receive email and text alerts on future job postings and will enjoy convenient access anytime, anywhere via smart phone and tablet

Chrysler Group announced today it was rolling out the proverbial red carpet to prospective talent by launching a redesigned careers web site,, that provides an enriched multimedia experience for prospective job candidates.

The redesigned web site, which embodies the Company’s employment brand, titled “Get in and Drive,” enables applicants to explore Chrysler Group’s corporate culture, including the Company’s diverse people and products, in addition to listings of current employment opportunities. Users will also have the ability to register to receive email and text alerts on future job postings. In addition, recognizing the growing popularity of personal communications devices, the site will soon provide convenient access anytime, anywhere for applicants who prefer use of smart phones and tablets.

“The launch of our new web site gives us a great platform to showcase our corporate story in a way that is authentic and engaging allowing us to reach beyond the core automotive sector in our pursuit of future talent,” said Nancy A. Rae, Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Chrysler Group LLC. “We believe the diversity of information and the accessibility of the site will provide an enhanced environment to educate job applicants on the wealth of opportunities available at our Company and what it means to be part of the Chrysler Group family.”

Additional features of the redesigned web site will enable visitors to:
Explore Chrysler Group’s open jobs and internships and interactive video
Experience day-in-the life testimonials of real employees across a wide variety of functional areas
Collaborate with other visitors and current Chrysler Group employees
Navigate quickly and efficiently to find positions
Search for and register to meet with Company recruiters at local hiring events

“The redesigned web site is another milestone in Chrysler Group’s pursuit of world-class talent to support the Company’s growth and success,” Rae added. “Additional enhancements will include expanding Chrysler Careers to Facebook, Linked in and Twitter to support Chrysler Group’s continuous commitment to engaging the best talent to build the best products and lead our Company in the years ahead.”

The web site redesign was performed with the strategic assistance from NAS Recruitment Communications, The Right Thing and mResource.

NAS is a recruitment marketing consultancy that delivers innovative strategies and solutions for online and offline candidate engagement, as well as expertise in career site analysis and development, onboarding, employee communications and HR metrics.

The Right Thing is a premier recruitment process outsourcing provider leading the industry with innovative, scalable solutions that help clients find, recruit, hire and retain top talent.

mResource provides award winning mobile recruitment solutions that allow companies to engage and interact with candidates and employees on their preferred device using text messaging, mobile optimized career sites, mobile apps and more.

About Chrysler Group’s Employment Brand, “Get in and Drive.”
The Chrysler Group employment brand and its challenge to prospective job candidates to ”Get in and Drive” captures the Company’s culture and work experience in a way that is relevant, meaningful and engaging to job candidates. The brand speaks to the Company’s commitment to leading people and leading change, to innovation, to identifying and developing the talented people who will lead Chrysler Group in the future and invites applicants from all professional experiences to take a bolder approach and be a part of something bigger.