Chrysler Group is most improved and ties at second in Total Quality Index

Volkswagen, Ford and Chrysler are new leaders according to latest Strategic Vision list. This study gauges problems found by consumers and how they are tackled by the company besides introduction of new vehicles and their features. Strategic Vision released their list of 2012 Total Quality studies and found that the auto industry as a whole saw a marked improvement. As per the latest studies, it was found that only 17% of consumers reported problems with their new vehicles.

Volkswagen was a sure shot winner in their vehicle such as Golf, Eos and Tiguan. Ford and Chrysler Group tied for second place. Chrysler Group, the most improved brand in the auto industry, scored well with their vehicles such as Dodge Charger which ranked in the large car segment, Jeep Grand Cherokee, in the medium SUV segment and Fiat 500 in the small car segment where style and sound system was concerned.

It was this that made Chrysler Group see a 26 point year on year improvement. Chrysler Group won Total Quality Index Awards tying with Ford for second place as they stand head to head where people’s perception, and measuring quality are concerned.

News release: Chrysler Group Most Improved, Ties for Second in Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Index™
Chrysler Group is most improved and ties for second place in Total Quality Index™
Dodge is the most improved brand in industry
Dodge Charger, Jeep® Grand Cherokee and Fiat 500 win Total Quality Awards™

Chrysler Group’s revamped product lineup and extensive quality investments make it the most improved automaker as it ties for second place in Strategic Vision’s 2012 Total Quality Index™ (TQI) study.

The company’s results were boosted by the Dodge brand’s 26-point year-over-year improvement. This is one of the most substantial increases in Total Quality since the inception of the study in 1995, according to Strategic Vision, and reflects the fact that Dodge has one of the youngest showrooms in the country with seven all-new or significantly redesigned vehicles in the past two years.

Three Chrysler Group models won TQI Awards. The Fiat 500 led the Small Car segment, Dodge Charger ranked highest in the Larger Car segment and Jeep® Grand Cherokee took the top spot in the Medium SUV segment.
According to Strategic Vision, TQI reflects all aspects of buying, owning and driving a vehicle as a holistic measure. TQI encompasses positive and negative experiences including reliability, driving excitement, emotional attachment and overall sales and service satisfaction.

“TQI recognizes that quality and satisfaction can mean different things to different customers,” said Doug Betts, Senior Vice President – Quality, Chrysler Group. “The ultimate measure of quality is whether customers want to recommend their vehicle to friends and family and these results emphasize the progress we’ve made to build exciting, high quality vehicles that our customers are proud to recommend.

“We’ve improved our vehicle reliability by more than 60 percent in the past three years,” Betts notes. “Today, the entire industry is very competitive on reliability and the real competition is in delivering innovative, exciting vehicles and ensuring customer satisfaction during and after the sale.”