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Citroen DS3 Cabrio details, images and video

Prior to its public appearance at the Paris Motor Show in September, Citroen has unveiled and released details pertaining to the new DS3 Cabrio. This variant will be manufactured at the Poissy plant in France and will be put on sale in European countries by next year. The DS3 Cabrio has been designed on the basis of its closed top-model which has done brisk business with registering sales of 180,000 units in the last two years.

The dimensions of the Cabrio have been kept the same with its length, breadth and height being 3.95m, 1.71 m and 1.46m respectively. The main difference in this model is that the roof has been designed so as to incorporate a folding canvas top. In such a case, the roof rolls back, though the sides of the body including window sections are intact. This roof can be folded and unfolded by using button controls on the ceiling of the car.

Using these controls one can open / close the roof within 16 seconds. The roof can be set in three position viz., fully open, horizontal and intermediate. There are soundproofing materials that have been added on the underside of the roof so as to provide superb acoustics when it’s closed. These acoustics can be compared to the DS3 hatchback mode.

31 LED lights and semi reflecting mirrors provide a 3D lights effect, while the chrome handle on the top of the tailgate adds an elegant look to the rear of the vehicle. The car is available in 10 shades while the roof can be ordered from a range of 3. There are one 1.4 and two 1.6 petrol engines as also two 1.6 diesel engine versions which will be the powerhouse of the DS3 Cabrio. It boasts of a large boot capable of packing in 245 liters.

For more information, read the news release below.


Citroën DS3 Cabrio (Official Video 2012)


Citroën DS3 Cabrio (Official Video 2012 – Cabrio)


Citroën DS3 Cabrio (Official Video 2012 – Techno)



News Release


With the 2012 Paris Motor Show set to open, CITROËN is continuing the DS line story with the reveal of a new chapter, the DS3 Cabrio. Motorists enjoy the slightest ray of sunlight thanks to the newcomer’s intelligent architecture that makes convertible life considerably easier. The DS3 Cabrio is all about pleasure. Non-stop.

The DS3, launched just two years ago, has proved an undeniable success, totalling nearly 180,000 registrations. Boasting enhanced personalisation possibilities with a range of roof collections and the Racing, Ultra Prestige and Just Mat models, the DS3 has played a major part in boosting DS line awareness and success. DS line sales have already topped the 250,000 mark.

The DS3 Cabrio is above all a real DS3. It features all the strong points behind the success of its sister model, namely bold styling choices, refinement down to the last detail, and instant driving thrills.

CITROËN has chosen a modern technical solution for the DS3 Cabrio to underscore the DS3’s unique character and retain all of the original model’s road feel. Contributing to the personalisation effort, three soft-top roofs are available: black, Infini blue and DS Monogramme. The DS3 Cabrio is also heir to all the sophistication of the DS line, with an innovative 3D rear light signature and a highly original tailgate opening motion.

The DS3 Cabrio blazes a trail in the cabriolet segment with a new wave of modernity:

– electrically manoeuvrable roof up to 120 km/h
– the only real 5-seater in the category
– the largest boot in the category

The DS3 Cabrio, produced at the Poissy production site in France, will be launched in early 2013. A version emitting just 99 g/km of CO2 will be available from release.


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