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Citroen E-Mehari Courreges concept – 2016 Geneva Motor Show LIVE

The Citroen E-Mehari Courreges concept, a product of cooperation between the automaker and popular French fashion house Courrèges, is greeting the 2016 Geneva Motor Show goers. The design concept is being accompanied by its production-spec sibling.

The E-Mehari is a pure electric 4-seat cabriolet which conforms to Citroen’s quirky design language. The model is a nod to the 1968 Mehari. The E-Mehari Courreges concept is billed as a vehicle which “examines the space and functionality though the lens of liberty”.

The materials and play of color focuses on Courreges’ signature color and symbol of light – white. Through the concept, both Citroen and Courreges express their desire to use new designs and materials to combine beauty with practicality.

The Citroen E-Mehari Courreges concept retains the regular model’s ‘E-Mehari’ door motif and is finished in white, even the wheels. Just one petal in each wheel is finished in contrast orange and it is complemented by the incomplete orange circle on the tyres. A similar orange strip can be found on the central safety hoop as well. The rear hoop has been done away with in the interest of creating more space.

The orange and white combo has been carried over to the interior as well. The single-spoke steering wheel with black grip shouts out to the original car. The seats and door trims are upholstered in luxurious white leather.

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The Citroen E-Mehari Courreges concept is powered by an electric motor which derives its juice from a Lithium Metal Polymer batter pack developed by Bellore. The car has an urban cycle range on 200 km and has a top speed of 110 kmph. Full charge takes about 8 hours on dedicated 16A charging station while it takes about 13 hours on domestic 10A wall socket.

Citroen E-Mehari Courreges Concept – Live Photos

Citroen E-Mehari – Live Photos

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