Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen – 2016 Geneva Motor Show LIVE

The Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen MPV concept accompanied the recently unveiled 2017 production model at 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The concept has been created in association with the French pop-group Hyphen Hyphen, so obviously it prioritizes on youthfulness.

The MPV concept features contrasting grey and red dual-tone exterior color theme with snazzy accessories and matching interiors with vibrant colors, giving it a go-anywhere looks and youthful appeal – the attributes that are shared with the energetic pop group from Nice who are nominated for the 2016 French music awards. The interior appointments have acoustic properties to enhance the music experience.

Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen 2016 Geneva Motor Show
The MPV concept is decked up in vibrant colors inside out.

The people carrier is described by Citroen as a vehicle that “creates a link between families and tribes, MPVs and SUVs, cities and wide open spaces. On board, anything becomes possible.” The vehicle uses a BlueHDI 150 diesel enggine, and a 4×4 system developed by Automobiles Dangel. The association with the pop group is a part of a communication campaign.

The production model of the Space Tourer which is also making its debut at Geneva Motor Show is available in three wheelbase options with seating capacity of up to 9 passengers. The MPV gets modern features including a comprehensive infotainment system with Citroen Connect Nav and a whole array of safety assistance systems.

Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen 2016 Geneva Motor Show
The concept will be used to market the production spec Spacetourer.

The Citroen Spacetourer is powered by a range of BlueHDI diesel engines with outputs stretching up to 180 bhp and 400 Nm of torque.

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