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Classic Porsche 911 gets a modern but vintage looking Navigation Radio

Porsche Classic, a division of the Porsche AG, in-charge of maintenance of vehicles produced over ten years ago is offering a new navigation radio for the classic 911 series.

With rising demand for built-in device for Classic Porsche 911 sports cars, Porsche’s newly developed navigation radio combines the old with the new and gives the Porsche vintage models all the benefits of modern technology. Fitting snug into DIN-1 slot, the new developed navigation radio is operated by two knobs, six integrated buttons and touch sensitive 3.5 inch display.

Built on a black surface and with well designed knobs, the navigation radio adheres in design to interiors of Classic Porsche 911 models allowing the cars to retain its vintage charm. This new navigation radio is suitable for 911’s built in the 1960s and last of 911 series from mid 1990s. It also adapts well to earlier front engine and mid engine models.

The new navigation system designed by Porsche Classic includes features such as low interference radio reception and navigation. It also interfaces for a host of external music sources, while a smart phone can be connected via Bluetooth. The radio possesses a built in and external microphone while its amplifier delivers 4×45 watts and can be connected to loud speakers or via an optional adapter cable to the sound system. The navigation system which contains maps stored on a microSD card with 8 gigabytes of memory has been tested at the Technical University in Munich and tests have also been undertaken across Europe to test country specific navigation.

This new navigation radio is being offered at €1,184 ($1,338 or Rs 70,893) inclusive of VAT from all Porsche Classic Partners and Centers. Porsche Classic navigation radio is also in final stages of testing in the US and will make its way to US markets in the future when pricing will be announced.


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