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Click a photo of wrongly parked car, and earn Rs 50 – Transport Minister, India

Speaking to PTI, India’s Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari announced today that one can click a photo of a wrongly parked car or bike or any vehicle, and send it to relevant authority. The government will charge Rs 500 from those who have parked wrongly, and 10% of it will be given as reward to the person who clicked the photo.

Fed up of Indians failing to understand the importance of parking their vehicles in the right place, Mr Gadkari has come up with this unique solution. The good thing is, you can click photos of govt vehicles, police vehicles, etc, and they too will be fined.

Many of us already own a 4G smartphone with a good camera. All we have to do is click photo of a wrongly parked vehicle and send it to local police via email, facebook, twitter, or any other form. This idea could also turn into a full time job for some, considering that there is no dearth of people who always park illegally or in no parking zone.

Just a few days back, a couple had created a ruckus on social media when the husband made a fake video stating that the cops were towing his car while his wife and child were inside it. The cop was suspended as this video created public outcry. But, just two days later, another video was shown, which revealed that the couple had created this fake video as they did not want the cop to tow their car and save themselves from paying fine.

“In my Motor Vehicle Act, I am going to add one law (provision). Any car on road, you just take the photo on your mobile and send it to the department concerned or police. There will be ? 500 fine and 10 per cent will go to the complainant,” Gadkari said on Monday.

“No parking places are available. People are using roads for that,” he said. The minister said big institutions should have their parking places. He said, “every day it is shameful for me…the ambassadors are coming … the big people are coming. In front of Parliament, my total road is blocked and for getting permission to build a parking place I needed 13 permissions.”

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