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Combined Charging System in ABB EV Fast Charging Portfolio


Terra 51 - Terra 53 single - Terra 53 duoTo help improve fast charging technology and at the same time reduce infrastructure complexity and improve charging functionality across all EV variants, ABB announced a new and innovative Combined Charging System (CCS).Through its expanded charging portfolio, ABB provides EV users seamless charging technologies like CCS or CHAdeMO without increasing costs.

Working prototype of the CCS module was showcased for viewers at the EV26 held at Los Angeles and eCarTec held at Munich last year. Charge and go system modules will incorporate Terra 51 CHAdeMO fast charging station, single port 50kW CCS fast charging station, a 50 kW multi standard CHAdeMO and CCS station and a 20 kW variant specially designed for offices and retail stores.

New combined charging systems will help to improve charging functionality and provide Electric vehicle drivers with availability of charging locations at convenient points in the city. These systems will be supported by a cloud based management system which will help to incorporate remote management and communication with payment service providers.

Hans Streng, Head of ABB?s Product Group EV Charging Infrastructure, a part of the company?s Discrete Automation and Motion division says, “ABB?s expanded portfolio enhanced with its cloud-based connectivity services is a natural solution for EV infrastructure providers to effortlessly incorporate any charging standard — be it CCS or CHAdeMO — into their charging network without absorbing the high costs of software integration and testing, ” “By providing a broader EV infrastructure platform, customers can now simply tailor their installed base of fast chargers depending on the amount of CCS or CHAdeMO legacy cars available in a specific region.”


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