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Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs Nissan Sunny vs VW Vento vs Ford Fiesta

Sedan comparison India

Nissan Sunny facelift launched today at starting price of Rs. 7,99,000 for diesel version (ex-showroom Delhi). Following is a brief on-paper comparison review of C segment rivals new Sunny diesel is meeting with, along with collation of technical specifications, features, price and milage. Competition includes Sunny, Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento and 2014 Ford Fiesta.

Sedan comparison IndiaExteriors – Facelift Nissan Sunny, being more aggressive and lot of chrome thrown on its face, stands at top in terms of road presence. Although Fiesta is widest in segment, followed by Verna, Vento, City and Sunny, the Japanese Caaaaar manages to appear wider and bigger than rest (check spec comparison sheet at the bottom of page).

It is hard to say which looks better, rather one can say which appeals more to a purpose. New Ford Fiesta is a sport, Hyundai Verna is trendy, Volkswagen Vento is professional & office type, Honda City is a jumble of sport & elegance while 2014 Nissan Sunny is corporate and luxurious.

Nissan-Sunny frontInteriors – New Nissan Sunny’s interiors radiate some sort of peaceful and relaxing aura. Dull and subtle grey finish of plastics and upholstery, presented by rich quality of materials creeps calmness into minds of occupants. 2014 Ford Fiesta adds a bit more modern character. With Charcoal Black and Light Earth Grey interiors, Fiesta is also pleasant inside.

Other cars come with black and beige interiors, more striking than in aforementioned Japanese and American brand cars. Hyundai Verna and 2014 Honda City fight to claim one is more snazzy than other. Triple pot instrument cluster of new City is indubitably the sportiest of all. But at a quick glance, Verna might catch your eyes faster. Volkswagen Vento is left out puzzled. The German lacks emotion, but design and controls are very clear and ergonomic.

2014-Ford-FiestaFeatures – Equipment wise they all share similar list. Sunny and City come with reverse camera while rest bear only sensors & beepers. Piano black trims, music system, USB, AUX-in, Bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted controls, ABS with EBD, Dual Airbags and the like are present in almost all of C segment sedans. New Nissan Sunny XV Premium Pack 2 variant comes with side airbags as well.

VW Vento frontEngine – Taking numbers into account, Hyundai Verna 1.6 litre diesel variant is most powerful with 128 PS @ 4,000 rpm, VW Vento follows with 105 PS @ 4,400 rpm, new City is third with 100PS @ 3,600 rpm, fourth is new Fiesta with 91PS @ 3,750 rpm, close fifth is Verna 1.4 litre model with 90PS @ 4,000 rpm, and last comes new Sunny rating 86 PS @ 3,750 rpm.

Torque wise also Hyundai Verna takes lead with 260 Nm @ 1,900 – 2,750 rom, behind is VW Vento with 250Nm @ 1,500 – 2,500 rpm, third comes Verna with 220Nm @ 1,750 – 2,750 rpm, fourth is Fiesta with 204Nm @ 2,000 – 2,750 rpm, fifth is 2014 City with 200Nm @ 1,750 rpm and last is again 2014 Sunny with 200 Nm @ 2,000 rpm.

2014-Honda-CityPrice – Nissan Sunny is least expensive of the lot, starting at Rs. 7.99 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. Most expensive diesel C segment sedan is Honda City at Rs. 9.42 lakhs, for base variant. Most affordable fully loaded trim comes in Ford Fiesta, priced at Rs. 9.29 lakhs, whereas priciest top spec car is again Honda City with price tag of Rs. 11.51 lakhs.

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Hyundai-Verna-GLTechnical specification comparison sheet is added below:

SpecificationsNissan SunnyHonda CityHyundai VernaFord FiestaVW Vento


1,461cc, 4 cyl, 8v SOHC – K9K dCi

1,498cc, 4 cyl, 16v i-DTEC

1,396cc, 4 cyl, 16v CRDi,

1,582cc, 4 cyl, 16v CRDi

1,498cc, 4 cyl, 8v TDCi

1,598cc, 4-cyl, In-line DOHC

Max Power

86 PS @ 3,750 rpm

100PS @ 3,600 rpm

90PS @ 4,000 rpm,

128.08PS @ 4,000 rpm

91PS @ 3,750 rpm

105 PS @ 4,400 rpm

Max Torque

200 Nm @ 2,000 rpm

200Nm @ 1,750 rpm

220Nm @ 1,750 – 2,750 rpm,

260 Nm @ 1,900 – 2,750 rpm

204Nm @ 2,000 – 2,750 rpm

250 Nm @ 1,500 – 2,500 rpm


5 speed manual

5-speed manual / CVT

6-speed manual

5-speed manual

5-speed manual


2,600 mm

2,600 mm

2,570 mm

2,489 mm

2,552 mm

Top Speed



175 kmph, NA


186 kmph



4455x1695x1515 mm

4440x1695x1495 mm

4370x1700x1475 mm

4320x1764x1486 mm

4384x1699x1466 mm

Ground Clearance

161 mm

165 mm



168 mm

Fuel Efficiency

22.71 kmpl

26 kmpl

23.4kmpl, NA

25.01 kmpl

20.5 kmpl

Kerb Weight


1,165 kg



1,220 kg


Front / Rear

McPherson Strut /

Torsion Bar

McPherson Strut /

Torsion Beam Axle

McPherson Strut /

Couple Torsion Beam Axle

McPherson Strut /

Semi Independent Twist Beam

McPherson strut with stabiliser bar /

Semi-independent trailing arm

Turning Radius

5.3 m

5.3 m


5.2 m

5.4 m

Brakes F / R

Disc / Drum

Disc / Drum

Disc / Drum

Disc / Drum

Disc / Drum


185/70 R14 (XE, XL)185/65 R15 (XV)

175/65 – R15

185/65 – R15 / 195/ 55 – R16 (CX)

195/60 – R15

185/60 – R15

Boot Volume

490 litres

510 liters


430 liters


Tank Capacity

41 litres

40 liters

43 liters

40 liters

55 litres

Price (Ex-Delhi)

Rs. 7.99 – 10 lakhs

Rs. 8.37 – 10.89 lakhs

Rs. 9.42 – 11.51 lakhs

Rs. 7.69 – 9.29 lakhs

Rs. 8.54 – 10 lakhs



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Ashwin Ram N P

Ashwin Ram N P

Life after college in 2014 has seen Ashwin Ram propel himself wholeheartedly into the auto industry. Information is never enough for this young blogger who enthusiastically ticks his elaborate checklist at each drive. The need to add that one extra detail ensures select articles that are upbeat, and comprehensive.

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  • waseem

    Please help me pick …..Honda city petrol OR ford Fiesta facelift for drive quality ???????
    budget is 11.5 lacks.
    monthly drive 400-500 km.,all city no highway…

    • somebody

      Fiesta facelift diesel is totally the car to buy if rear seat space is not an option
      Its cheapest car as well, full option Titanium diesel costs just 10.86 lakh on road

      • waseem

        yes, the price is what has caught my attention so far..
        also while i was taking the TD in bangalore, I saw people staring at the front aston martin grill of the car….
        so somewhere its a car that cant be ignored.
        my only thing is i wont drive more than 500km or max 1000 any month…
        will diesel be good ? compared to a petrol honda. ??

        • Ashwin Ram

          Dear Waseem,

          Your average monthly run would not justify the choice of diesel engine. If you drive mostly in city traffic, I would suggest you to test drive VW Vento TSI DSG Automatic. It has very good handling and body control, esp. with ESP. If you’re not interested, Honda City petrol may best suit you.

          Check out –

          • waseem

            Thanks Ashwin, it helps
            I might go with Honda V mt petrol,

          • Ashwin Ram

            You’re welcome.. 🙂

          • Ashwin Ram

            You’re welcome 🙂

    • dEepak

      if your monthly running is 400-500 km, there is no benefits to buy a diesel car. Go for HONDA CITY…

      • waseem

        Me too think same…
        I hear really good remarks about ford being a drivers car,
        Never got a chance to TD on longer stretch .. but took td of both Honda petrol and FF facelif..
        both felt almost alike in short run.
        Honda felt bigger frm inside.. the drivers seat itself is broad and the meters look bigger.
        Honda Vmt is 3 months waiting, FF is getting delivered in 1 month

    • subhankar

      honda city is surely more specious in back. but ride quality is better in fiesta. clearly if u love to drive then fiesta, or if u love to be seated in back go for city. 🙂

      • waseem

        I did check out fiesta, the rear seat space is really poor, Though I dont have a family to carry at the backseat.
        moreover fiesta diesel top end costs 11.40 in Bangalore where as Honda city petrol second top variant costs 11.10 .
        Many features are present in fiesta that are missing in Honda,
        Honda tops in seat and space qlaity.
        The interior of Honda felt like a big car and seats are wider…..

        very confused, dont want to miss the premiumness of 11.+ lacks car, for ride quality
        but dont want to buy a very average drive quality car..
        however I hear from everone that petrol cars have better drive quality than diesel at any brand..

  • CB

    What crap of an article is this? I keep visiting Rushlane assuming you have some great articles but this is utter disinformation, the Verna has the most Powerful Engine 128PS, has more features than any other car in this segment. For example it has 6 airbags, not to mention projector headlamps and as well as an rear-view camera and a ton of other features please stop spreading disinformation, esp from a premium site like Rushlane. Check for your self