Compressed air cars with MDI Technology tested by Tata Motors

A joint agreement between Tata Motors and Motor Development International (MDI) of Luxembourg entered into in January 2007 permitted Tata Motors India to produce and sell compressed air vehicles via the MDI technology. This agreement was in a two phase bid whereby Tata Motors could avail of the technology and test its concept in the first phase while the company could use the technology of compressed air in their vehicles.

With the first phase now completed, and the compressed air engine concept demonstrated in two of Tata Motor’s vehicles, things look progressive. Both companies together will now work on the second phase to use this MDI compressed air technology in.

MDI Technology is a con – rod system that permits the piston of the vehicle to be held in Top Dead Centre for 70? cycle. This permits better torque as the force exerted on the crankshaft is less than in a classic system. Gear changes too are automatic and are powered by an electronic system developed by MDI. Speed of the car is computer controlled while car mileage and general running is also at its best through the system of MDI technology.

News Release: MDI’s air engine technology tested on Tata Motors vehicles

In January 2007, Tata Motors and Motor Development International (Luxembourg) signed a licence agreement that enables Tata Motors to produce and sell compressed air cars using MDItechnology in India. The agreement covered two phases of activity encompassing the technology transfer and proof of the technical concept in the first phase, and in the second phase completing detailed development of the compressed air engine into specific vehicle and stationary applications.

The first phase of this programme — proof of the technical concept in Tata Motors vehicles — has now been successfully completed with the compressed air engine concept having been demonstrated in two Tata Motors vehicles.

In the second phase of the development, the two companies are working together to complete detailed development of the technology and required technical processes to industrialise a market ready product application over the coming years.