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Congress promises road safety to reduce fatalities by 50% in next 5 years


Geneva based global body working for safer roads, International Road Federation (IRF) welcomes the Indian National Congress (INC) party as it includes road safety and its commitment to reduce road crash deaths in its political manifesto. This week, Congress Party promised a “strong willed political commitment” to reduce fatalities by 50% in the next 5 years.

Each year, about 1.40 lakh people die in road crashes and India, a highly dangerous reality among all countries. “ IRF welcomes this move by a political party, which has happened for the first time in political history of India, We hope other parties will also follow as India accounts for about 10 % of the global road deaths” said Mr K.K.Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF)

cars-in-IndiaCongress’s manifesto promises to launch a “National Road Transport Safety Programme.” The programme will make every possible effort to change road safety measures and establish clear road safety norms. Global agencies involved in road safety blame lack of policies and enforcement as primary reasons for increasing road fatalities in India.

“In its last leg of government, UPA had tried to establish an apex body that would deal with all issues relating to road safety. Though a Cabinet note was circulated, before it could be taken up the poll dates were announced. Now, the road transport and highways ministry has approached the Election Commission seeking approval to place the proposal before Cabinet.” said Mr Kapila

UPA government’s previous effort to bring amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act to increase fine and penalty for traffic offences could not be passed in the Parliament. Rajya Sabha cleared it but it could not be placed for discussion in the Lok Sabha.


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