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Conman steals Harley Davidson from showroom on pretext of test ride (Update)

Conman Tahir Ali flashed all relevant documents such as identity card, a mobile phone number and his office address before filling in a proforma and taking a Harley Davidson Street 750 worth INR 5.7 lakhs on a test drive. The Harley Davidson showroom in Banjara Hills Hyderabad has a special route for test rides but the man sped across a different route to never be seen again.

A case has been lodged with the Banjara Hills Police under Section 379(theft) and Section 420 (cheating) of IPC. The police are also inspecting CCTV footage of the showroom in efforts to nab the thief while on checking, it was found that fake phone number and email were mentioned on the proforma invoice.

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This is not the first time such a robbery has taken place. A few weeks ago, a luxury car dealer had complained of the same when a conman drove off with a Rs 60 lakh car. The cops have not able to find any trace till now.

Usually in such cases, the stolen vehicle is never found. Most of the time, the conman will either change the license plates, generate fake paperwork, and sell it off to a gullible buyer; or dis-assemble the vehicle and sell off the parts.

The dealer on their part, play it very safe when they hand over the keys of a new vehicle to a customer who has approached them for test drive. They usually send one of their employees along with the vehicle, who makes sure that the customer drives the car on the set route in a proper manner, and does not run away with the car. But sometimes, like in the case above, the conman prove to be smart for the dealer.


The screen shot from CCTV footage, showing the man riding away with Harley Davidson.

Thanks to phone call records and CCTV footage, police have nabbed a man, who is believed to be the alleged conman. As per NDTV report, this man, named T Kiran is an IIT graduate and works with ONGC. His father is an ex-army man, and resides in Hyderabad.

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