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India bound Conquest Evade SUV revealed in Toronto

Conquest Vehicles are based just outside of Toronto. As of today, their employee strength stand at 30 and product line-up at 2, Knight XV and now, Evade.

Based on the Knight XV, an armored SUV, the Evade is its unarmored cousin, and just like the XV, it too is hand-built made to order, for high profile customers around the globe. Built on a Ford F-550 chassis, it takes Conquest 4,000 man hours to built one of these 7 ton SUVs.

Evade has 400 cubic feet of interior space. It is a 2+2 luxury limousine with its driver section well partitioned from its rear which has two electronically operated reclining seats. The rear also sports laptop trays, FLIR night vision cameras in the front and rear and air ride suspension offering more smooth rides. The existence of a third sun roof is an outstanding factor along with the refrigerated minibar and PlayStation 3. There is more to be added, as each of the Evade SUVs can be customized according to customer’s preferences.

Compared to the Knight XV, Evade sports new headlights and tail lights along with new and narrower fender flares, a well designed grille, sunroof and an augmented back door. Coming with an entire body work of aluminum, means that the massive SUV is actually much lighter than the Knight XV. It is being offered in a range of two engine options, a diesel 6.7L turbo V8 engine or a petrol 6.8L V10 engine while interiors are the very epitome of luxury.

In India, Magus Cars will be the official importer, and according to their last media release from August 2012, the Evade will be priced at Rs 8.5 crores (ex-showroom). Obviously the price is expected to increase, thanks to the hike in excise and import duty by Government of India in Budget 2013. A reply is awaited from Magus Cars and Conquest Vehicles, as to when the Evade will be launched in India. Images here are credit to AutoNet.


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