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New multi purpose contact sensor makes automated parking safer

Continental automatic parking sensor

Dubbed as the Contact Sensor System (CoSSy), the equipment senses low-speed contact between a vehicle and a foreign body such as a person or an object. Using sound signals, the system can help bring the vehicle to a complete stop upon detecting such barriers.

CoSSy employs a redundant signal path or, in simple words, can detect objects located beyond the short-range detection zone of a conventional sensor. The system makes use of two to 12 sensors installed at various positions on a vehicle.

Upon installation, CoSSy signals can be utilised to detect scenarios such as vandalism, careless parking incidents, unpredictable road condition, and more. The system also has the technology to identify the driver using voice or detect fast-approaching emergency vehicles. The system can be operated using touch commands for functions such as opening the door using the touch input exclusive to the user.

Continental automatic parking sensor

Laurent Fabre, Head of the Passive Safety & Sensorics division at Continental, shares that structure-borne and airborne sound signals can provide valuable information about the surroundings of a vehicle. He stated that implementing CoSSy in a vehicle will open doors to a variety of innovative functions, not limited to just safety and comfort.

Experts have predicted that automated parking applications will become mainstream within three years’ time. Continental aims to introduce CoSSy on a larger scale by this timeframe and as a novelty, the system can be integrated into an existing or stock ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of any vehicle. This essentially means that the car you drive today can be equipped with CoSSy in the not-too-distant future. Besides passenger cars, rental companies can make the best use of this technology.

Founded in 1871, Continental is a German automotive technology company that pioneers technologies and services aimed at providing sustainable and connected mobility solutions for people and goods. With a network of over 60 countries and the markets within each of them, Continental is one of the leading names in the field of automotive innovation.

Continental will showcase the state-of-the-art Contact Sensor System at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 which will be held in Las Vegas, USA from January 7 to 10, 2020. CES is an annual technology and electronics exhibition show that witnesses the participation of many important players in the sphere of gadgets and innovations.

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