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Cop pours salt in KTM RC fuel tank as he suspected rider of over-speeding

Time and again cases have come to light where cops stop bikers who are riding KTMs. More importantly, most of the time these KTM riders are in proper gear, and are not over-speeding. But they are still stopped by cops on some or the other pretext.

The latest case of one such incident is a shocking one. On duty traffic cop from the Museum Police Station in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala stopped a KTM RC 200 rider in full gear, and riding within speed limit.

When the rider asked, why was he stopped, the cop said that he was overspeeding. The biker asked for proof. The cop said that the bike he is riding is proof enough. At this stage the biker asked the cop, what exactly he means. The cop promptly replied saying that he is riding a KTM bike, and according to the cop, it is reason enough to believe that the biker was overspeeding.

The two soon got into an argument. The cop wanted to teach the biker a lesson. He asked his sub-ordinate to get a packet of salt. Once he was given the packet, the cop then opened the fuel tank lid of the KTM RC 200 and emptied it inside the fuel tank.

As per a Rushlane reader from the same locality, this is not the first time that the cops from Museum Police Station have taken such an action against a KTM rider. The reader adds – “This police station have a very much grunt and arrogant attitude towards KTM bikes. Museum police station is famous for its hatred towards ktm machines. Many a times riders were fined stating they were overspeeding even if they are within the speed limits.”

As per a local newspaper, ASI Suresh from the police station was suspended after the news of a cop pouring salt in a bike went viral.

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