Cops fighting cops on road over bribe money distribution? (Video)

Cops in our country have been caught doing many things on the road. Beating a man who pointed out a wrongly parked police vehicle, collecting bribe (alleged), throwing a stone at woman rider with a child, who did not stop when asked to, etc.

But, it is not everyday that you see cops fighting with other cops, and that too in broad daylight, in the middle of the road. Yes, believe us. This has happened on a Lucknow highway. Watch the video below;

Though it looks funny, the fighting cops are as real as they can be. Rolling over the road holding each other’s shirt collar, throwing blows, attacking with laathi, these four cops have no regard for the fact that there are people watching, even better, recording the same on their phones. Probably because they think they are above the law.

Passers-by state that at the particular junction on the road, cops are found collecting bribe from trucks passing. It is because of the same that the fight erupted. Below is the unedited version of the fight.

Lucknow Police rubbished the claims of passers-by and stated that the fight was not because of bribe money. The brawl was with a Home Guard over clearing the traffic jam in Itaunja area, PTI quoted Superintendent of Police Manjil Saini as saying.

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