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Couple raps to Toyota’s Swagger Wagon ad to announce pregnancy


A couple from Utah has an important news to announce. After trying for 16 months, they are successful in conceiving a baby. Their joys knew no bounds, and to emphasize this ‘baby announcement’, the couple has created a video in which theyrap to the tune of Toyota’s Swagger Wagon ad.

toyota swagger wagon, couple announce pregnancyJelena and Linoln Taylor, both 26 years old, form North Salt Lake Utah got to their best moves together in the video, which raps to the chorus ‘where’s my baby at’ instead of ‘where my kid’s at’ from the Toyota Swagger Wagon ad, which was first uploaded on YouTube back in May 2010. Today, the ad has over 12 million views.

‘We didn’t want to announce our pregnancy like everyone else,’ explained Jalene. ‘We waited a long time for this baby, so we wanted the announcement to be awesome,’ reveals Jalena in in interview with Today. The baby announcement video has received close to 100,000 views already. You can watch the video of them rapping, along with the original Toyota ad, below.


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