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Make separate lane for VIPs, Judges at toll plazas across India – High Court to NHAI

A two judge bench comprising Justices Huluvadi G Ramesh and M V Muralidharan at the Madras High Court has sent a stern warning to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

As per this warning, the judges have asked NHAI to create separate lanes for VIPs and sitting judges at all toll plazas in India. If NHAI does not, they would face contempt of court proceedings.

The two judge bench stated that it was disheartening to see vehicles of VIPs and sitting judges having to wait in long lines at toll plazas. This wait is sometime extended from 10-15 minutes while they were also asked to produce identity proof.

The court ordered that a circular be issued to each toll plaza collector to provide separate lanes for vehicles belonging to VIPs and sitting judges while it should be ensured that vehicles of no other persons other that these be allowed in these special lanes.

The bench warned that any violation of the order by NHAI would be viewed seriously. They also said that show cause notice will be issued to authorities concerned if a circular to this effect was not circulated to all toll plazas across India.

All toll plazas across India will have to be modified in order to accommodate this new ruling – for a provision of a separate lane for VIPs and sitting judges without any hindrance.


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