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After cow, sofa stuffed into small car

Sofa Car

when it comes to buying a car, people base decisions on its value proposition. This family of 5 probably did the same. there’s no doubt they’re reliant on their blue hatch, but it proved a tough task trying to stuff a 3 seater family sofa in it.

Giving up was not an option. Neighbour, Graeme Longden was able to get a first hand view and lost no time in recording their repeated attempts. The mantra being try, try till you succeed. They even set the sofa seats aside briefly so its easier to maneuver their sofa stuffing.

The video does come to an abrupt end because in the time it took Graeme to go downstairs, the neighbours had left. And yup, it’s not just the sofa that was stuffed in. The clearly visible family of five with two young kids, both women, and the male too left in the car.

Sofa Car It’s unbelievable, how each week folks find something new to stuff in their small car. Last week in India, a video emerged of thieves making their way with a black cow, and yes, they did stuff the poor animal in the backseat of a white hatch. While both feats seem impossible, they’re as real as it gets. No doubt, 3rd row sitting never hurt anyone, making this a rather dodgy, if not unsafe 8 seater hatch. Hopefully the family had a short distance to cover.


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