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Crazy overtaking manoeuvre caught on SmartWitness incident camera

SmartWitness footage captures the moment 3 vehicles narrowly avoid a head-on collision, a possible outcome of an overtaking manoeuvre. SmartWitness incident cameras capture such near misses each day.

SmartWitness managing director Simon Marsh said, “The footage shows again the importance of driver behaviour in keeping Britian’s roads safe.” Mr Marsh said: “It’s a miracle that there wasn’t a three-way collision – I’ve never seen a closer head-on near-miss caught on our cameras and the actions of the driver of the white car were crazy.

“Footage like this is vital in improving driver safety.

“We encourage and train our clients to use our cameras to educate their own drivers as well as to guard against the recklessness and sometimes false allegations of other drivers.

“Clearly the HGV driver in this case was blameless but it’s amazing how effective the footage is in improving driver behaviour.

“We find clients are now more than ever using footage to train drivers and improve road safety.”

Mr Marsh said: “They are given a grading from an A to an E, based on a month’s worth of driving. Obviously fleet managers will know who their best drivers are but it will certainly help find drivers that are in need of retraining.

“But the cameras make sure that drivers are constantly vigilant when they are out on the roads on their own.”

Mr Marsh said: “I have always been keen to be the first to trial and use any products which improve safety. When I was running my own fleet I spent tens of thousands on new developments including at the time, Lane Departure Warning, Proximity and Active Braking.

“But the key message to all drivers is to avoid events that will lead to incidents in the first place – and the best way to do that is to modify a driver’s behaviour.

“SmartWitness cameras provide Vehicle Journey Records (VJR) and not just Event Journey Records (EJR).

“The cameras capture everything that happens once the ignition is switched on and can easily show drivers and fleet managers where mistakes are being made.”

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