Foreigners living in Mumbai, this is how you cross a busy street (Video)

Johan Bartoli (26) and Hampus Bergqvist (25) are from Sweden. The duo have been together since years. They completed graduation in Business Studies a few years ago. Soon after, they decided to move to India, as they wanted to act in Hindi movies.

When they told their friends about their plans, all of them suggested to not to pursue as it will shatter their career prospects in the corporate world. But it seems the duo had made their mind and landed in Mumbai to become actors in Bollywood.

Over the years, the duo managed to get small roles in many movies, some big some small. They even featured in the VW Ameo teaser videos. But slowly and steadily they made their way into Bollywood, though not as lead roles.

Settled in Mumbai, Johan and Hampus created a facebook page called 2 Foreigners In Bollywood about 4 months ago. The page was created to share some of their experiences on living in a city like Mumbai. About 2 weeks ago, their short video on Mumbai’s rickshawaalas went viral. Watch the same below.

Though it will be difficult for people who have not tried hiring a rickshaw in Mumbai to understand what is happening in the video, but for those who have, this video captures the essence perfectly! It didn’t take long before this video went viral. It has now amassed close to 7 lakh views on Facebook alone.

Earlier today, the duo posted yet another video. This new video shows how to cross a busy street in Mumbai. Every Mumbaikar will related to this 🙂 In just 2 hours, the video has been viewed for 2.3 lakh times.

Watch the duo at work in the video below.

2 foreigners in bollywood

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