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Crossovers within Closer Reach, Financially

Most car manufacturers have rushed to produce models to satisfy the burgeoning demand. Competition has raised standards of quality, and we’ll talk about those crossovers that are more affordable.

When it comes to technology, as would be expected, one of the first things a prospective crossover buyer looks at is the technology offered. The Honda CR-V, costing from £21,505, is one of the best in the class for technology, with an array of features that includes a rear view camera, text messaging services, Bluetooth connectivity and internet radio. If you read this Suburu Forester review, you’ll see that this is another car that tops the list in terms of technology, but it also has more rugged exterior features that are usually associated with larger SUVs. These allow you to indulge in outdoor adventure while still being able to take care of lesser considerations such as food. All-wheel driver and a turbocharged boxer engine are standard. This car, billed as the “user-friendly SUV with improved performance, safety and efficiency,” will cost a minimum of £24,995 in the United Kingdom. Subaru found that people who own this car are twice as likely as other car owners to own a pet. Subaru will launch a Facebook application of treats for dogs and their owners.

Fuel Economy is an important consideration. Petrol is an unceasing expense. Since fuel economy is one of the greatest attractions of a crossover, this topic deserves careful consideration. Many of the best crossovers yield a mileage of around 30mpg, which is very respectable considering their size and power. The CR-V again heads the list, with a milage of between 21 and 28mpg, and the Forester comes second once more, with 22mpg. As Holden Captiva reviews attest, this car is noteworthy in this respect, managing 27mpg. The Captiva also deserves a mention after receiving a five-star rating from the Euro NCAP. It’s the best car manufactured by Holden, badged in the United Kingdom as Chevrolet, to reach these shores. It costs at least £18,935.

Resale Value of cars is loosely calculated. With new cars depreciating the moment they leave the lot, resale value is a major issue. Choosing a brand name that’s always much-demanded is a neat way to guarantee a decent resale price. A car is a good investment if it retains more than 50 percent of its initial value after three years. Ford is one brand that is consistently highly-ranked for resale value. There are a number of Ford crossovers from which to choose, including the Escape, Explorer and Edge. The cheapest of these, the Escape, is known in the United Kingdom as the Kuga, and costs at least £17,204. The Kia Sportage is also good value, with a price of £16,515, and also features high fuel economy and a low price.

And, Finally, Crossovers combine the best characteristics of passenger cars and SUVs, making them ideal for anyone who can’t decide between a larger SUV and a small, sporty car.


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