CSE condemns auto industry for misleading pollution campaign in Delhi

Centre for Science and Environment has slammed the Indian auto industry for propagating “misleading”¬†facts and numbers regarding the impact of diesel vehicles in Delhi pollution. The auto industry has been arguing that the vehicular pollution in the capital region is insignificant compared to other key sources but CSE says that the campaign is motivated.

According to the organization, diesel vehicles in Delhi emit more PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter) than any other key source of pollution. As per International Council on Clean Transportation’s estimates, the cancer risk from diesel vehicles is four times higher than petrol vehicles in Delhi.

Delhi pollution traffic rationing
The CSE accuses auto industry of underplaying toxic and cancer-causing effects of diesel vehicles in Delhi.

CSE also states that the government’s move to ban diesel taxis and SC’s move to prohibit the sales of bigger engined diesel vehicles in Delhi are already starting to show results. The auto industry is accused of trying to derail the process through its campaign that underplays the toxic and cancer-causing effects of diesel.

The diesel cars are said to emit more PM 2.5 particulate matter than any other key pollution sources in Delhi.

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Sunita Narain, Director General, CSE, says that an IIT Kanpur study has established that around 78% of PM 2.5 emissions from four-wheelers are accounted for by diesel cars. The effect is much less severe in the case of petrol and CNG powered vehicles.

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