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Cutting a Mercedes S Class seat to see how it gives massage – Video

Mercedes S Class is synonymous with luxury & comfort; and especially with the latest iteration, Mercedes has taken the game to the next level. One critical component which has elevated the complete experience is the seats which S Class provides to all its passengers.

The seats are a mini-hi-tech butler in themselves, as apart from regular support to your derrière and back, they do a lot more. The S Class seats are capable of giving you a hot massage, provide additional lumbar support, give you comfort via ventilation apart from housing airbags & fire extinguishers, all of this while you relax in a place with extended leg room and watch a movie of your choice on a Full-HD screen.

The S Class uses a complex set of electronics to provide the features mentioned above. The seating houses heating coils to provide the heating effect when the massage mode is selected; additionally it has multiple air pockets, which when inflated (via electronics); provide the stone massage feel to the occupant.

Air pockets on either sides help with the shoulder support, doubling up as the technology behind which makes the occupant feel as if the seat is hugging him/her. The coils, air pockets & the fans are all connected to electronic circuits which are controlled via smart processors which do the needful, as per the command from the user/occupant.

This is certainly a lot more than one expects out of a seat beautifully wrapped in premium grade leather. So how is all this possible? Well, in order to know that, you will need to cut open a seat and that would probably cost you lakhs. Or, you can watch the new video by YouTube channel What’s Inside. Watch the video below.

Touted as the “Best Car in the world”, the Mercedes-S Class retails in India at INR 1.33 crore for the diesel variant and INR 1.37 crore for the petrol variant. Apart from the uber-comfortable seats, the S class packs in multiple luxurious features which make the travelling experience similar to that of a first-class flight journey.

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